Moomin Jimmy Jams

8:47 am

my big girls, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

Well, they are moominesque! This cotton was bought from Ikea quite some time ago, and this week I finally got around to making it up into pyjamas for my big girls.
They are off to a "pyjama disco" this afternoon.

red jim jams


Honestly, I'm not at all happy with the finish on these. I was constantly distracted while making them, and I made some stupid mistakes.
The girls love them though, and I guess that's all that really matters, even if I am going to feel cross at myself every time I look at them.
( the pj's not the girls! )

pj's for my big girls

I'm meant to be going to a vintage clothing and textile fair this afternoon, but after finding out there are a couple of distasteful demo's happening in town later, I'm not certain what to do.
I need the inspiration, and was looking forward to the good company, maybe we'll be brave and still go.

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  1. Lovin the PJ's, what pattern did you use?

    If you go to the fair, enjoy m'dear :o)

    Much love Tracy M

  2. Those PJs are BRILLIANT! Love them!


  3. Those Pj's are great, I'll be blowed if I can spot the mistakes!!! My MIL made a quilt and embroidered on it:
    My name is scraps, I'm full of boobs made with love and greatly used!!!
    I bet you'll have sewn a whole heap of love into the PJ's and that is what counts, doesn't it?!
    Send some sewing vibes my way will you.
    Hugs San xx

  4. oops..... previous posting is from me mum2five/san!!!!
    Hubby had been using computer and forgot to log off:-) xxx

  5. Tracy, the pattern is from an old Ottobre, (winter 2003)

  6. I have the same fabric! I was going to make Joe some shorts in summer but never got round to it, maybe I should make PJ's instead?

  7. They are super cute! The pyjamas aren't bad either ;-)

  8. Gorgeous PJ's - as are your big girls :-)

  9. Those PJs are just gorgeous and look about a gazillion times better than anything I could ever achieve. I love the moomins! xo


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