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We are home. Cornwall was beautiful as always. We (Woody and I) were a little homesick, but that's normal for us. We both thought about how different our little holiday would have been had Florence been there.
The silly little things got to me, like shopping in Padstow and not being able to go into some cute little shops,I knew I would've enjoyed had Florence been with us.
We collected shellls and little pebbles from the beach, some I have next to my bed, and the larger ones we took to Florence's grave today.
Woody also bought me this Willow Tree figure in Tintagel. Maybe I'm getting sentimental in my old age,but I love this figure.

Angel Of Mine

Oh yes, and I still don't believe in signs,but today at Florence's grave there was a ladybird crawling on her pink roses.

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  1. I love the figerine too Jeanette, plus the shells there. More hugs to you all too ((()))


  2. What a beautiful figurine. It captures the feeling of a mother's love for her baby. You also capture that in your words in this blog. That's very special to keep seeing the ladybirds. We have them in our house these days, and when I see them, I try to say a prayer for your family.

    Love Carlyn (TBW)

  3. A ladybird landed on my windscreen the other day and it made me think of you and Florence. Hugs xxx

  4. Hope you continue to find comfort in your visit by a ladybird. I'm a great believer in signs!
    Cyber Hugs

  5. The figure is beautiful, Florence resting on your shoulder,
    We have a lot of ladybirds in our garden at the moment and a couple have sneaked in, they make me smile when I find them in the bedrooms.
    One day at a time (())

  6. I'm glad you had some moments of joy on your holiday, but I'm sure it was hard not to have Florence with you. The figurine is just beautiful and I love the bits of nature you've brought inside. (((Hugs)))

  7. I just love Cornwall. It's so beautiful, especially Tintagel. I hope you found some peace amidst all that beauty.

    The figure is lovely and what you have done with the pebbles and shells. It seems right that you should retain some and that others should be at Florence's grave.

    Much love to you. xo

  8. That angel figure is lovely.

    It sounds like it was a very bittersweet time.

    Thinking of Florence and her ladybirds xx

  9. Jeanette,
    Never feel ashamed or embarrassed about the depth of your love for Florence, or any of your children! You are a wonderful loving Mother, and those of us who know you, Love you and are inspired by you are PROUD of you!!! Florence is your baby, your child who should be in your arms but will ALWAYS be in your heart.... She would be there no matter what.... I love the figurine... It is so perfect for you... Hugs and Kisses...


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