An Accidental Make

2:13 pm

An accidental make, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

I've been working on something else this week, drafting and re drafting a pattern for a baby/toddler dress for a secret project. I got to a point where I needed some haberdashery supplies, and being the great big wuss I am I decided I'd rather start on something else than actually get in my car and (eeek!) drive to the store to buy supplies.

So I started work on this little newborn baby smock, but clearly my brain was still in dress mode, because I completely forgot to put in the sleeves on the smock! Still, it's quite cute anyway, and I am expecting a summer, I have enough fabric left to make one with sleeves.

The voile sews up lovely too, I used french seams, and pondered a rolled hem, which although would work well on this fabric I decided against, because I prefer a proper hem.

Oh yes, and it fastens on the shoulders with little buttons.


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  1. Oh, that is super-cute!! And I love the fabric!!

  2. That is so precious!! xx

  3. so sweet! and love the fabric, gorgeous.

  4. That is so cute!

    Hope the secret project is going well ;-)

  5. How lovely Jeanette! I love the way you've done the buttons- I'd never have thought about using ribbon instead of doing the dreaded trad button-hole on the machine!

  6. SEW cute mama!!! i didn't sew anything for Aquila, but i want to for the next one.

  7. That has totally inspired me :)

  8. You are so very clever. This is beautiful.

  9. Absolutely adorable! I love the butterfly hanger too.

  10. ooh that's gorgeous.

    I love those voiles :~)


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