More Stripes

6:42 am

This time in velour stripes, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

I was on a roll yesterday, must've been that first lighter evening of the year. Whipped up this little suit, in velour stripes, with another knotty hat.
I've been a bit manic recently, mid pregnancy can be like that for me,but when I'm trying to distract myself from the demons in my head I'm extra manic.
Trying really hard right now not to worry about this weeks scan and consultant appointment. The sonographer couldn't get a good look at baby boy's heart last week, so I am booked in for another look this week.
There's no reason to suspect anything wrong,but there was no reason to expect Florence to die either, so that doesn't help me much.
I can feel him kicking about more now,but my anterior placenta muffles most of the movement.
Where's my bottle of optimism.....

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  1. All the stripeys are gorgeous. I hope all goes well at this weeks scan. Sending lots of love xxx

  2. That is absolutely gorgeous, so is the other one but I like this one best. Good luck at the scan, sending love xxx


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