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My lovely friend Mary emailed me last week and suggested I take part in a particular project, that for now at least I don't want to mention in any more detail...I probably will soon enough, I'm rubbish at secret keeping!
I wasn't sure at first, Mary has more faith in me than I do myself, but I thought I could do with the distraction right now...20 week anomoly scan looming, hense the rather hyper me posting nonsense three times a day, sorry 'bout that!
Anyway, back to the point. These little dresses are what's been distracting me, and no doubt still will for a few more days at least.
What started out as an abandoned pattern, is now (I think) a sweet little pattern that I do like and one I'm going to work on some more.
I'm calling it Flossie's Pinafore. I can't really imagine Florence being big enough to wear one, but as it's the only work that's really inspired me in a long while, I thought I'd name it in her honour.


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  1. You should have faith in yourself - you are a great seamstress and designer!

    I love that you named it after Florence.

  2. your clothes are too cute! i love everything!i am going to be sewing some of your maternity skirts very soon--- i have not announce on my blog yet though ~~wink~~

  3. I just adore pinnies, it's the staple of my little girl's wardrobe.
    Love the name.
    Your comming home outfit is just lovely, it just radiates love, looking forward to seeing the little one in it.

  4. Liz! I'm so pleased for you, sending you love. x
    (ps when you sew the skirts mail me for a couple of extra tips.)

  5. Hi Jeanette,

    Do you have a pattern or tute for Flossie's Dress? I'd love to make one for my daughter!


    Sarah. xXx


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