Bounty, and I should know better

8:07 am

Here in the UK, pregnant and new Mums are given Bounty Packs at various stages during pregnancy and after birth. They are really a marketing excercise, lots of big companies pay to have their products in each pack, and hopefully the new Mum will be hooked for life, but for lots of Mums it's quite exciting to get your big bag or box of freebies.
I quite enjoyed claiming my packs when India was small,but never bothered after that because I knew most of the products included were things I wouldn't use anyway.
Fast forward to now, and my curiosity got the better of me, so I filled in the form (Oh dear cue junk mail for the rest of my life!), and sent Woody off to Boots to claim my "Mum To Be Essentials" pack. I thought maybe there might be some sample sized bits and pieces useful for my hospital bag, maybe a breast pad or two, or some antibacterial gel.
I ripped open the bag, and found a bib, a spoon, some perfumed washing powder.....and a guide on caring for your baby now she's six months old!
The lady in the shop had given Woody the 6+ months bag, not the Mum To Be bag. So I have the bag I should be getting right about now for Florence...sheeesh, I should've known better!

This looks like a much better bet.

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  1. oh no what a horrible mistake! Those bounty packs are absolute rubbish it has to be said, the amount of leaflets inside too! sending hugs to you xxx

  2. Oh hun :o( I signed up to the service that ceases all postal stuff after loss, so that I stopped getting all the baby catalogues etc I don't know if this would filter through to the Bounty stuff, but it might be worth checking?

    Have you seen this? : -

  3. Oh dear. What a horrible mix up.

    Those other packs do look like a much better bet. I don't think I ever got a single Bounty Pack in the end! x

  4. just checking in with your blog after sometime away, and its good to hear your news - all of it; the sad and the happy. congratulations on the new bump, and warmest hugs from another homebirthing mama following florence's inquest. sending you good wishes for the journey to come. Caroline

  5. Anonymous4:25 am

    God that's awful. I'm so sorry. (((hugs)))

  6. *sigh* They are faceless, run by a bank [Barclays Plc] and a computer system sadly that doesn't get updated and is all about selling peoples details on for profit :-( Not about Mum & Baby welfare / education.

    I'm so sorry the 'system' was allowed to upset you...

    I do hope your Mama Pack arrived in good speed though and was as pleasing as you hoped it would be!

    Congratulations on the bump!!

    Yzzy xx

    Mama Pack


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