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11:40 am

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These gorgeous fabrics arrived yesterday, and I'm in love. These are the Voiles from Anna Maria Horner, and nothing I had read about how lovely they are had prepared me for their gorgeousness. They are so soft, light and tactile. I wish I'd ordered more, and even prefer them to my usual summer faves, Liberty Tana Lawn.
The blue dobby is destined to be newborn trousers, and the print a little smock style top.
They should go perfectly with the cardigan I finished the other day and these bootees...well when I've knitted the matching one.

Just one finished

Hopefully, a coming home outfit for baby.
( This is where I want to add in all the doom and gloom stuff that spins round in my head, but I wont, I'll be a good girl ..)

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  1. Those booties are just adorable Jeanette. I will never believe you again when you say you can't knit!

  2. Oooh, those fabrics are gorgeous! and I love the bootee!

  3. Ive been lusting over the fabric for some time now...that & the flannel...
    Very cute bootee, baby booties always remind me of Bambi for some reason!?

  4. I am in LOVE with that bootie!! I can see your sweet little one all dressed in the very precious clothes his/her mommy has made with love. Believe it will happen Jeanette...that is all we can do. xx

  5. The bootie is so sweet, Jeanette. Once your baby's tiny toes are in there, they'll be even more precious! I'm looking forward to the day you're coming home with your baby in that gorgeous outfit.


  6. stop it stop it stop it I want everything Anna Marie does! I may have to spend money....

    and then get sewing lol

  7. I got a bundle of half yards of her flannels on etsy and they are too gorgeous for words. I want some of the voiles....


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