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12:43 pm

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After a huge de clutter of my fabric supplies the other week, I decided to treat myself to just a few yards of some fabrics I'd had my eye on for some time.
This is one of them. Three yards of Anna Maria Horners Folksy Flannel, Forest Hills in Moonlight. I love these colours, and look how well they go with the blanket I've been working on for baby.
This fabric will be a receiving blanket, and possibly more,I haven't decided yet.
I'm not finding it easy to balance my need to prepare for this baby, with my fears for this baby.
Part of me so wants to let go of the pain, and fear and enjoy the process of sewing and knitting sweet baby things, while another part of me is paralysed with fear.
I know doing these things can't kill my baby, but I also know I have a cupboard downstairs stuffed full of all the baby things I prepared for Florence.
So, I tell myself, this baby deserves things made just for him (or her!), and even if I'm just being practical, this baby will need at least one outfit and one blanket...
I wish it wasn't so hard.

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  1. oh I've been eying up those flannels too but have so far resisted.

    I can't even begin to imagine the mix of emotions you feel but at least you have busy hands to help you through the time xx

  2. That's lovely fabric :o)It looks really warm and snuggly.

    I'm completely in awe of how brave and forward-facing you're being!!

    When I was pregnant with Kiara, I didn't make anything for her at all, and all my friends were forbidden to talk about "When the baby comes....etc"

    When she popped out, and we knew that she was staying, we gave her all Ellie's things as a present from Ellie to her little sister ;o)

  3. I wish it wasn't so hard for you too. The fabric and the blanket do go really well together xxx

  4. The fabrics look gorgeous, the way things are going on the knitting/sewing front I'm sure you'll have quite a lot done by the time this babe arrives!
    San xxx

  5. I love those colours - fabulous fabric !!

    More hugs ((()))


  6. Beautiful fabric and blanket!

  7. I'm sure that Florence will be happy to bless her little brother or sister with the gifts you prepared for her and I'm sure that new babe will be serenely happy to be engulfed in all the love you poured into them and the new pieces you will make XXXX

  8. Gorgeous fabric! And lovely knitting too, Jeanette. I know your baby will feel all the love that's going into your preparations, just like her sister did. xxxxx


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