I did it!

5:07 pm

I went to a shop, I browsed the baby items, and I even bought some things!
I've been thinking about it for a few days,I'd looked online, and talking it over with Woody this morning I got a little tearful, so he suggested I try looking at the baby things in the supermarket first of all to see if I could handle it, I looked, and bleurgh, they were horrible,(but I didn't cry) so after lunch The girls and I ventured into TK Maxx, since they often have a more interesting selection of baby clothing, including the bold sort of styles I prefer.I didn't find a perfect little outfit,but I did find a few sweet little nightgowns, and a couple of bold stripe sleepsuits without feet (I tend to have long skinny babies with big feet.)

So baby boy has some clothes bought just for him, and I did it! ( No one came over and told me to leave the store and take my dead baby germs with me either!)

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  1. Well done on overcoming your fear. I can't even begin to imagine how hard it must of been for you. (((hugs)))

  2. Well done you, this stuff is never eaay. I admire your courage :D

  3. Well done Jeanette! I've also had strange thoughts about being asked to leave shops because of my dead baby lurgy too!

    I know what you mean about baby clothing, I've struggled to find nice bright things for Jess as I quickly tired of pastel pink. I got some lovely things from Polarn O. Pyret, they're a Swedish shop and they do some lovely bold designs. xo

  4. Well done :) Hope you got some lovely baby boy bits :)

  5. Well done, Jeanette!

    Someone mentions Polarn O Pyret - it is lovely and you can get it from Kendals on Deansgate. I like bold colours too.

  6. Good on you, Jeanette.
    I also prefer bold baby clothes. We got so my pastel blue stuff. Bonds in Australia does fantastic bold coloured baby clothes. I should send you some! Then again, you make much nicer stuff!

  7. Well done Jeanette for taking the plunge. I buy a lot of "boy" stuff from TKMaxx, they often have Molo footless sleepsuits, also Katvig and Me Too (all Scandinavian brands - lovely colours and prints) much much cheaper than in other places.

    PoP does lovely Swedish - style stuff too (in House of Fraser, deansgate) pricier than TKMaxx but lovely :D


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