Another Tiny Step Forward

4:44 pm

Woody and I met with the consultant Obstetrician this afternoon. He seemed like a really nice guy,very understanding. He couldn't really tell us anything more than the consultant paediatrician we saw a few weeks ago,but he is going to try and use his influence to get the post mortem results released for us. We are really hoping he can.

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  1. Hope it works our for you*

  2. Anonymous7:08 pm

    I don't understand why in the world this is such a probolem - releasing those results, you guys do have every right to know...?!

  3. I hope that the results will be released to you and Woody soon.

  4. I hope you get the results soon.

  5. That's so crazy that you are still waiting for your results. I had Bella's back in November and waiting two months was bad enough. I really hope they get it sorted for you very soon.

  6. Anonymous9:57 pm

    Hope you get answers soon.

  7. Hope you get the results soon. Waiting seems so unnecessarily painful. (((Hugs)))

  8. I still don't know why as Florence's parents we have to beg for results. All I know is that the coronor for this area has a reputation for being extremely thorough after a high profile case a few years ago. (Harold Shipman for those interested)
    Also, because Florence was born after an uneventful pregnancy, then became suddenly ill, she is under the SUDIC (sudden unexplained death in childhood) team.(This would be the same for a SIDs death for example) No one has said so, but I get the distinct impression that had she been born in hospital this would not be the case.
    It's horrible, I've not heard of anyone else losing a baby shortly after birth going through this.

  9. It is horrible, the withholding of information regarding your own flesh and blood. I'll pray, hope, and wish this all resolves soon.


  10. hoping with you...
    peace xx

  11. Jeanette I hope you can get the results soon.

    Unfortunately I think the legal, coroner side of things can over-run the need for a bit of compassion towards those who are grieving and waiting for answers.

    I read an article in Private Eye a couple of weeks ago and thought of you - it was about this very same issue - parents who have lost a baby shortly after birth, having to wait months and months for postmortem results or explanations of what had happened to their child. So sad that this seems to happen not infrequently.



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