A Tiny Update

7:55 am

Still waiting to hear news about the post mortem, but I've been told that although the results are through, they may not be released until the inquest, which isn't until February!
Also been reading about Group B Strep, and it seems there is a possibility that this may have been the cause of Florence's death. I'm talking to an obstetrician on Thursday to find out more,but something as simple as GBS, which is routinely screened for in many other countries may have been what killed my baby.
Of course, we know nothing until the post mortem results are released, and even then there is a possibility of them being "inconclusive".
The huge amounts of antibiotics Florence was given on admittance to hospital means if she did die from an "overwhelming infection" we'll probably never know which one, as any cultures taken will be clear from the antibiotics.
Woody says I shouldn't be googling all this stuff, and I need to just wait and see,but I can't help it. I need to know they cut my baby open for a reason.Afterall, we had no choice. The post mortem was required by law...and I still don't understand that.

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  1. There is only a tiny window of time in which you can have a step B test, they do not offer one but if you ask for one they cannot refuse it. All to do with funding and the NHS as always.

    My thoughts are with you at this difficult time.

  2. Oh Jeanette not having any answers must be so hard. Try not to torture yourself with what could have been until you at least have some more information. I hope you get some answers soon. xx

  3. Anonymous2:46 pm

    hugs, and google can be one's own worst enemy.....at least it is for me.

  4. What a long wait...
    I know the bittersweet relief of getting answers from a post mortem and I hope Florence's will tell you something.
    Thinking of you*


  5. hi jeanette
    i haven,t commented for a long time but i read all your posts.
    just letting you know i,m thinking of you and sending you hugs

  6. February seems such a long way away - I hope you get some answers soon.


  7. (((Thinking of you all)))

    I'm exactly the same with Google too ... I think it's that need to be doing *something* and the hope that a little bit of comfort and an answer may be hiding in some obscure corner somewhere.

    x x x

  8. much love Jeanette to you and your family - GBS makes me so angry as my 1st son had scepticaemia when born (i had tested negagtive as well with the private test which result is 96% correct..so was unfortuantely in that 4% that would go onto to have GBS even though the result was negative). we found the GBS support charity a great help esp when we had our 2nd baby I hope you will find them a great help too. take care xxx

  9. here they require the test (in the U.S.) I had group b strep too. They required IV antibiotics during labor. I pray that you find some answers. I know that some answers, even difficult ones, are better than no answers. Google is not good. It can lead you down a really dark path. Sending you love and prayers.

  10. I hope you find your answers. The waiting is so hard. I lost my baby girl 8/28/09 and it seemed like FOREVER until we go answers, and they weren't the answers we wanted. But even at that, it is nice to have the knowledge...

    I'm very sorry for your loss.

    www.heathermohr.wordpress.com (for some reason, I can't leave my blog address when I sign this comment)

  11. I found out that I tested positive for GBS after a routine swab taken after a miscarriage. I knew nothing about it and my doctor was not concerned at all. I went on to have a second child with no problems but then when pregnant with my third met a lady who had lost her Son very soon after delivery from GBS sepsis. That gave me the power I needed to find out more, and I have to say that the charity were brilliant at offering support and advice. I was considering a HB for my third (second had been born at home with no problems)but after testing positive again from a private screening test at 37 weeks opted to have my baby in hospital with the antibiotic cover. (midwives in this area will not give IV antibiotics at a home birth)
    It is so difficult knowing what to do, but it is impossible to make a choice if you do not have the information in the first place!
    I hope that you do get some conclusive reasons for what happened to Florence, I really do. It has saddened me so much to read your blog each day since her passing, and I can't begin to imagine what you are all going through, it's just so very sad.


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