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To those waiting for their 25 days of giveaways gifts from me. I was so excited about the give aways that I totally forgot I would have to actually post them, and that would mean braving my local post office, which I haven't been in since before Florence was born.
The ladies that work in my local post office are lovely, and over the past seven years or so, I've been a very regular customer with my little online business, but after Florence died I found it too difficult to go in many of my local shops, the post office was no exception.
Anyway, after a week of walking past the wrapped and ready to go parcels in my hall, I finally today plucked up enough courage to face the Christmas queue and post them.
I was nervous, and a bit shakey,but I got the window of one of the lovely ladies I know, and she said she didn't want to say too much,but she wanted me to know how sad everyone was to hear about Florence. I think I said "thank you", I hope I did, I may have just smiled, I'm not sure.
So I did it, faced another fear, and your parcels are all on their way.


This morning I was thinking about music, music that reminds me of Florence. I'm not much of a music follower really, something a couple of my friends frequently tease me about. I'm more likely to be found listening to radio 4 than dowloading tunes to my ipod...never downloaded a song in my life and I don't even own an ipod!
I guess I have fairly diverse taste in music when I do listen to it, I like everything from The Velvet Underground, Trex, through to Barry Manilow and Shirley Bassey!
Anyway getting to the point. I narrowed it down to two songs. This one first.

I listened to this a lot once Woody went back to work.We both love this song anyway,but I found in those early days, and actually even now it speaks to me. It describes how I often feel since Florence died.


I think one night not long before Florence was born I woke up and Woody was half watching Glastonbury on the tv, and this was playing. I remember it waking me, and feeling...oh I don't know, something!

Anyway I'm clearly in a waffly mood today, just thought I'd share these with you.

Don't be shy, say hello!


  1. Sending love and hugs xxx

  2. Well done for braving the post office, funnily enough I've just been too. Watch the mail this week ;) I remember listening to Coldplay in 2005 a lot when we were losing my step mum to cancer. Some music just sings how your soul feels doesn't it?

  3. Anonymous6:00 pm

    I absolutely love that song Bring me to life.

    Great job on braving the post. I look forward to checking the mail. Can't wait for it's arrival.

    I've been avoiding as couple of places too, since Shealyn passed. Eventually, I won't be avoiding them anymore.
    sending you well wishes

  4. Well done on getting to the post office, things like that are very difficult.
    I adore Evanesence! Thats such a great song! You might like a band called Within Temptation too as they are quite similar. They have a beautiful song called Memories which I love http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9tL4Mgzjx0&feature=channel

  5. Glad you made it through the first post office visit without puddling, but it sounds as though those ladies there would have been loving and supportive and kind no matter how you were. I am just about finished the wrap for Margaret so she should get it in time for Christmas. It's been nice to knit - just a challenge to get the time to do the knitting. Love the music. xo

  6. Thanks for the link Frustratedfairy. I do like that.
    (can you believe I don't know your real name!

  7. I love both of those songs :) There are certain songs I can't listen to without breaking down since my dad's stroke - they have new meaning now.

    I would have gladly done the post office run for you, but I'm glad you felt strong enough to do it yourself.

    You know, I drive past you all the time but never wave incase you don't recognise me from the one time we actually met!

    Stay strong, but I think Woody is right - google can scare you :(

  8. Jenga, wave at me! I'm sure I'll recognise you, infact I often wonder if I've walked past you and totally blanked you,but if you waved from your car or said hello, I'm pretty sure I'd realise it was you.
    How is your Dad doing?

  9. You haven't blanked me :) It's usually on the school run that I drive past you as you head one way to SG and I head the other way to NR. Then sometimes on our way home after dropping each of our boys off. I'm usually trying to keep Sam awake long enough to get him home and into bed! It's only on Monday and Tuesdays (my non working days) so don't be looking for me tomorrow :D

    My dad is ok. He doesn't need his wheelchair anymore but uses a walking stick. He has come a very long way in the last 6 months, but he is still very far from the dad I have always known. Our relationship is all topsey turvy now as I have to help look after him these days :(

    Anyway..... worlds longest blog comment :)


  10. Aw Jeanette. My beautiful decorations arrived this morning and have taken pride of place on the tree already! Thank you so much for making them and thank you even more for braving the post office.

    Beautiful songs xo


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