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4:27 pm

I came across this information on A Sucker For Gerberas blog.It seems due to the changing of some wording on several NICE guidelines publications that parents may in future be denied the chance to hold, see and spend time with their babies after they have either been still born or died after birth.
This horrifies me. I can not imagine not being able to hold Florence as she died, or not being able to dress her, cuddle her, walk with her, just be with her for those precious hours. I know Woody feels the same way, and I know it helped the children to be able to hold her, and have photos taken with her. To be denied that doesn't bare thinking about.

See here for more details, and please consider signing this petition in the hope of NICE changing the wording.

Thank you.

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  1. Oh my goodness. What were these people thinkung to write such s**te. Have just shown this to dh and he is amazed too. Will be signing the petition.

  2. I've signed. I hope they change the wording. The opportunity to spend time with my daughter as she died and with her body afterwards meant the world to me. x

  3. signed.

    This was on Woman's Hour on Monday 7 December. You can listen again before this coming Monday - i think it was the second item in the program:

  4. Signed. What an important piece of information to bring to people's attention - thank you for enabling us to access the petition easily to add our signatures.

    I read your posts nearly everyday and have read alot of the blogs you follow, your wording and their wording have taught me so much about birth, death, grief and struggling to journey on through it. I weep with you and those who carry heartache, longing, and mourn. xx

  5. Signed. And I posted it on Facebook with the request that people do not click 'like it', but actually sign it.

  6. So sad to read this, I've now signed it and popped it on our local group forum where I know loads of the mums will sign it. I treasure the memories I have of my daughter and value the time after her death I got, to imprint every inch of her on my heart and mind.

  7. All signed, thankyou for spreading the word. I can't believe that they won't change the wording, it is unthinkable.
    I think about you all everyday. xxx


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