Cosy Night In

5:04 pm

Pj's, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

Tonight there will be bonfires being lit all over , and fireworks lighting up the skies. We usually go to a local display, and despite my misgivings mentioned before, I do usually enjoy wrapping up in winter coats, woollies, and wellies, and walking through the smoke filled night to stand and oooh and ahhhh at the colourful explosions.
The thought of it this year though,just seemed to fall flat without Florence to tuck inside my coat.
Instead we will be having fireworks in the garden, and dedicating them to Florence's memory.
We can stay warm inside,I can wear these new pyjamas I made this afternoon, and toast Florence with hot chocolate and parkin. (while Woody gets to be all manly playing with explosives in the garden!)
Pyjamas made from snuggly cotton flannel, using an ancient threadbare pair of Boden pj's as the pattern.

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  1. We will be standing in our yard watching everyone elses fireworks and for the first time, we are having sparklers!

    Love the new PJ's!

  2. Those are fab. I need to develop some sewing skills immediately!

    I'll sip some hot chocolate in memory of Florence tonight x

  3. Oh they are beautiful. Lovely and snuggly with a gorgeous pattern.

    We had a few fireworks tonight and I wrote Georgina's name with my sparklers. Wish that both our girls were here with us. xo


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