12:02 pm

Dahlia Stripe, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

This is just for you Julie!
I've been having a play with some old designs, tidying up repeats etc and I made up a couple of stripes to co ordinate with my Dahlia prints as suggested by my reader (and sister in law) Julie.
Dahlia Floral Stripe

This bud print needed a bit of fine tuning too.

bud refined half drop

That's enough tidying up of old designs for now though. I think it's time I started on some new drawings and some new ideas.

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  1. I love the stripes! (will you be selling that as well?)

  2. Maybe once I've checked it out myself first. I guess it'd make sense.

  3. I hope you do! I might buy some of both and make some new bedding for myself. I rather fancy a striped dust ruffle with a dahlia duvet.

    Thanks Jeanette nobody ever designed a fabric for me before!

  4. oh i like the bud one, that's cool!


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