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layered detail with raw edges., originally uploaded by indiaeden.

Just a few months ago I'd imagined life once Sid went to school full time to be full of a new baby, LLL meetings, baby massage classes, Slingmeets. Lots of snuggly breastfeeds on the sofa. I expected to be busy.
I'm not, not busy now. There is always the daily efforts to stop the household sliding into utter chaos. Plus I still have plenty of good friends checking in on me and invites out for coffee and lunch.
I know though that sometime very soon I'm going to have to start thinking about the future and work.
My little business has never made me my fortune,but it kept me busy and paid for treats we might not otherwise have afforded.
I wont be going back to making baby carriers. The level of detail and involvement with the customer and their babies is not something I think I could cope with right now. Maybe one day, who knows.
So, the thought is there, something to ponder.
Meanwhile, today I've made a skirt. I could've been cleaning the bathrooms, or making our bed, or cooking tonights tea,but I guess I'll never be a Stepford wife. To hell with the housework and on with the sewing!
This skirt is made using the Amy Butler Barcelona Skirt pattern. The fabric is Botanical Pop cotton by Jackie Shapiro. (And yep the raw edges are deliberate.)
Barcelona Skirt

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  1. The skirt is beautiful. I have that pattern, but have not got around to using it yet - I am a little bit frightened of zips!! Maybe you could give sewing lessons to those of us less talented than you? :-)

  2. In the great housework / sewing debate I think sewing should win everytime!
    I love that fabric!

  3. that is gorgeous, such a lovely fabric, I want one! you are so talented/skilled...I wish i knew how to make things, maybe one day, although I'm not sure I'd have the patience even if I knew how. hope you're having a good day today xxx

  4. Gorgeous. Good job! I too have a zip fear.

    I had to stop floristry when I was grieving. Too many funerals and and no patience for customers. Got a job as an art technician at the local collage. Hope you can find something you enjoy. I know I found you an amazing teacher. You would be a wonderful textile tutor.

  5. Jeanette, you should do something with your sewing skills. You make such gorgeous things. I sent the link to your blog post about the wedding dress to so many people, because it was such a beautiful dress. Teaching sewing sounds like a good idea, or carry on the sewing business but different items. I'm sure those skirts would sell... (I know I would buy one!)

  6. beautiful skirt. I so want to learn to sew. I totally understand why you wont be making baby things any longer, it is just too hard to be around it, i know.


  7. You really are so talented Jeanette! It's a lovely skirt, one of these days I will dust off my machine and have a bash at something like this.
    PS Thank you so much for your kind words in my comments, means alot to me xxx

  8. Anonymous10:17 am

    I love the pattern, and will be checking out the link!
    Also love the fabric you have used!

  9. Jeanette I would definitely be one of your 1st customers if you ever decide to make beautiful skirts as a business....in fact are you interested in a small commission because I need something bright to wear?? Will email you re cuppa!

  10. It's lovely. Glad you chose to be creative and make something beautiful for yourself over housework!!!! (((Hugs)))

  11. Jeanette The skirt is fab

    I am sure a path will emerge for how you will spend your days ahead ,thinking of you often xxxxx


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