So, my hair is falling out.

8:33 am

My hair is doing that three month post natal falling out thing, I guess in a few weeks I'll have all those little baby hairs growing through.
I don't need reminders that I was pregnant, I gave birth, I know I did those things. I just hate seeing those hairs falling and sighing to myself that yes,I did have a baby.
I recovered physically very quickly after birthing Florence. I joke to my friends that since she was baby number five it was like "shelling peas". Certainly after Sid's birth it was a breeze.
Florence barely left behind any physical reminders on my body. She was much smaller than Sid,so there were no extra stretch marks.
I'm just a few pounds heavier than I was this time last year.
Sometimes I wish I'd been left with a scar, or some extra stretch marks,something I could point to and say was her, but like I said I don't need physical reminders. I know.

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  1. I also wish I had a few more physical marks on me from my girls. They were born so early that I didn't even have a chance to get stretch marks.

    But we know. We know that they were there and we will never forget our sweet girls. Florence will always be with you. xo

  2. Ah, it's not fair. I told my husband that he has to remember I'm post-partum with a dead baby - all the hormones and none of the perks. Sending you love from far away. xo

  3. Catherine, i was thinking of you last night as I watched the Tonight programme with Kym Marsh. Sending you so much love.
    Karen, yep it's hard to remember we are post partum when there's no baby there.
    We went for a long walk in the woods four days after Florence was born, and I was crying in pain most of the way. I just couldn't rest up at home with empty arms.

  4. You know, thank goodness for this amazing online support system. It must have been so isolating the the past, suffering with the devestation of babyloss, before we women had the internet.
    I guess you could get a tattoo for a scar, I know it's hardly the same though.
    Big Hugs xx

  5. Jeanette, Whatever you decide to add to the next part of your life I really can't wait to see what it is! You are so creative, nurturing and simply wonderful. It will be a huge success. Millions are wonderful and if we could have them that would be super, but if we never have them, that is fine too! Keep on inspiring your munchkins and the world...and Thank you!


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