Yule Tide Fairies

5:10 pm

Yule Tide Fairies, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

Introducing Madeleine and Maisie. These pretty Yule Tide Fairies are responsible for keeping me sane these past few days...or rather the making of them is.
Florence would have been four months old on Sunday, and I've had a few dark anxious and tearful days where I've struggled just to get through the daily chores.
Working on these little dolls has given me a focus.
I had been so looking forward to making Christmas gifts for our baby, I'd even tucked away some special fabrics and trimmings with gifts in mind. A doll was top of that list.
When I saw the pattern for these dolls in the December issue of Sew magazine, I realised we could still have a doll for Florence, we could have a special hand made decoration for the first Christmas without her.
Then I read Tina's blog, and her idea to have a twelve days of Christmas blog giveaway for babylost parents inspired me to make two.
So Madeleine has a loving home here, but her not quite identical twin is looking for a home with another babylost family.
Tina's idea has snowballed into twenty five days of blog giveaways,(click on the link in the side bar for details) We are day number two, on Saturday 28th November.
So, make your way back here on Saturday, when I'll have a post with more pics and details, and if you want Maisie to come and live with you just leave a comment then. More details to follow.
Madeleine and Maisie

Oh, and a top tip for other babylost parents; don't lock yourself away in your attic for three days making dolls, then answer the door to your neighbour, who you haven't spoken to since his new baby was born a couple of weeks ago, ask how everyone is, then when he tells you the baby's name, say "Oh how lovely, I'm making a doll and was thinking of calling her that same name."...I may as well have answered the door in a nightgown, clutching a reborn doll, and muttering to myself!!

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  1. Oh Jeanette you made me laugh! I love the dolls and the idea of the dolls. Maybe I will send you some curlers and a hair net to decorate your hair for next time...you want to make the right impression after all

  2. I love the dolls. Oh how I wish I could make beautiful things like that. You are sure talented!

  3. I love their faces :)

  4. These little ladies are absolutely lovely Jeanette ;) I wish my dollies were as pretty, and as robust looking! What a lovely thing you're doing with the giveaway. Do whatever you need to stay sane. XXX

  5. They are fabulous Jeanette. What a beautiful thing to give to a parent who has lost a baby.

    Inspired me to get cracking on my own planned doll for Christmas. I can only wish that they'll be a third as beautiful as yours though.

  6. Oh Jeanette they are so beautiful! I can't wait till your giveaway! xx

  7. Please say you had a few dubious stains on your nightie! I have started wearing pj's that look like clothes so that when I go to the door at noon the postman doesn't look at me strangely.

    Was the pattern in the latest Sew magazine? x

  8. They are such sweeties - you are so talented.

    Oh and the last bit made me smile - a bit sadly but in total recognition.

  9. The dolls are just wonderful. What are the odds that neighbour would come by then?! Honestly....

  10. Alibobbles, yep the pattern was in the December issue.
    I didn't follow it exactly, but it was a nice starting point.Last time I made a doll I was about 10 years old!


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