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4:06 pm

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I've actually been working!
Woody and my big girls were all off school and work today with this horrible flu bug that's been doing the rounds. They are thankfully at the tail end of the illness,but I thought it best to cancel my plans for today anyway, which kinda left me at a loose end. My big girls were happy lying on the sofa, and Woody was pottering about gently.
So, I decided to see how it would feel doing some work on my sketchbooks, and y'know it felt pretty good, if a little scary.
I moved all my art equipment into the dining room a while ago. The light is better there than in my usual work space. I even have a pack away inspiration's one of those jigsaw folders,but works well for my purposes too.
Lets hope I can keep this up. If I'm honest I'm waiting for the crash that usually comes after a few ok days.
Oh yes, and I finished another Baktus too.


I was planning more of these,but I've voluntered to make blankets for the bereavement suite at my local hospital. Something useful I can do that will hopefully give a little comfort to other bereaved parents.

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  1. I love the pack away inspiration board! I may have to pinch that idea myself!

    What a beautiful thing you are doing making blankets.

  2. Sorry the flu germ has hit your home, too. Ugh. Hope everyone feels better soon. The blankets for other bereaved parents sound lovely. Are you quilting them or knitting them?

  3. My bereavement midwife is sending me some knitting patterns, but I also have an idea for some simple flannel receiving blankets with a little applique on.
    Apparently it's the tiny babies they struggle to clothe that need little blankets, and hats.
    I guess they don't get as many full term, 9lb babies like Florence.
    I also have an idea to buy some small soft toys to donate, since I wont be buying Florence a Christmas gift. I know the doll my friend made for Florence was a real comfort to me. I held it tight almost constantly until I could place it in her casket.
    I thought some small soft toys could either be left behind with the baby, or taken home as a comforter.
    I'm going to discuss it with my bereavement midwife.

  4. The colours in your work are so vibrant, I love the bottom collage piece especially.

    I remember once reading about a midwife who knitted tiny clothes for preterm babies who didn't make it. Just a special thing for you to do if you're able.

    Thinking of you often. Hope Sid is enjoying school.

    Liz xx

  5. The folder looks wonderful, what a clever idea.

    Hope that you are all fully recovered from the nasty flu bug. Ick.

    You are so kind to think of making blankets. I know that the girls' blankets meant so much to me. I used to carry one around with me in the early months of J's hospital stay. I even took it to bed with me. Because it smelt of my babies. And because very preemie babies can't wear clothes initially, blankets become so important. I spent ages hunting for the best blankets for their incubators. Stupid but when it's all you can do . . . .

    Your comment about not needing so many larger items for babies like Florence broke my heart. I remember the shock of seeing a full-term baby in the NICU. Their sheer size. My inability to believe that anything could be wrong with them, so large and perfectly formed. Sigh. If only being a good weight was all that mattered.

    I'm sure that a lot of parents will be very, very grateful to you Jeanette. Geesh, write on my own blog why don't I? Sorry about the long comment. xo

  6. Catherine, I love your long comments.

  7. Jeanette you are such a beautiful person with such a huge heart to be thinking of easing other people's grief despite your own. I'm sure your blog and creativity are and will continue to provide comfort to others. I'm just so sorry that you have to endure such pain.

    I think of you, your beautiful daughter Florence and the rest of your beautiful family often and wish there was something I could do to ease your pain.

    Hope you don't mind me posting on your blog.

    deanne (sorry I can only log in my husband's account)


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