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We decided (OK I decided, and Woody agreed like a good husband.) to name Florence, Florence Violet after I had a vivid half dream when I was only ten weeks pregnant.
It wasn't until after her birth, and death and I was on the phone to my Mum to give her the news that I remembered that Florence was also my maternal grandmothers name.
I was sobbing into the phone, and as the name fell from my lips I remembered.
How could I forget something like that?

My Grandmother died when my Mum was only just in her twenties, and I was maybe five or six.
I only really remember her auburn hair, and the aqua blue silky turban style hat she wore with the big blue brooch on the front.
She was Nanny B to me.

I recently sent my Mum a copy of the beautiful photo Carly took of Florence in the sand, and my Mum said she looks at it and imagines her Mother walking on the beach with Florence in her arms.
Sometimes I forget how hurt other people are by Florence's death.

This is my Mum's Christmas gift. (I'm safe to post this here, my Mum doesn't have a computer!)
The violet coloured stone is for my Florence and the aqua coloured stone is for Grandma Florence.
I hope my Mum, Florence's grandma will love it.
Thank you Tina.

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  1. What a beautiful keepsake I am sure it will be greatly loved

  2. It's beautiful, I'm sure she will love it.

  3. She will love it, I'm sure x

  4. That is so beautiful! What a wonderful gift, she can't help but love it. I think of Florence at the oddest times....all I can say is that you are amazing and we are all so lucky to have been touched by you. I love the idea of Florence with your Grandma on the beach. I was thinking of my Nanna the other day. I haven't been back since she died but I wondered how close she is to Florence's resting place...

  5. Julie, I didn't know they were in the same cemetery. Let me know roughly where, and your Nannas name and I'll pop and see her when I visit Florence.

  6. That's such a beautiful gift for your mum.

  7. It is a beautiful necklace. I'm sure your mum will cherish it.

  8. Oh, the necklace is lovely. Just lovely. I love the image of your Nanny B strolling Carly's beach with Florence in her arms. xo

  9. what a precious gift... just beautiful

  10. Annie Yates and Joseph Yates.They were cremated and their ashes are scattered. I will check with my Mum where their memorial stone is. I would love it if you could check in on them. My Granddad died 30 years ago, Nanna remained faithful to him all her life and it is odd how comforting it was when she passed to know they would be together again, even if it is just their names on a memorial stone.

  11. That's beautiful J - your Mum will love it!

  12. Gorgeous.
    I've often thought of Florence being with your Dad and other relatives.(I know it's dependant on personnal spiritual beliefs) I've felt a little comfort knowing they're carrying her with them until you meet your sweetie again. xxx

  13. I am so glad to hear your package arrived safely. Thank you so much for allowing me to make this very special item for your mother. I hope it brings peace to her heart. xx

  14. that is a beautiful gift Jeanette


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