Lacy Baktus

6:03 pm

Lacy Baktus, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

Finished this a couple of evenings ago, but only got around to weaving in the ends today.
I used this free pattern on Ravelry.This was a good stash busting project. I'm not much of a knitter,but I do like to have something on the go to do in the evenings while I watch rubbish telly. (my fave at the moment is Ghost Whisperer. The lead actress has a great wardrobe!)
The yarn is a Rowan 4ply I bought from a bargain bin about four years ago at Sewing For Pleasure. I still have lots left, but at least I've made a dent in my yarn stash.
Might cast on this tonight to stash bust some of the sock yarn sat lounging in my yarn basket, that, lets face it, is probably never going to be socks.
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  1. THat is really lovely Jeanette ,I have made a couple of these now :)

  2. Love it, Jeaneatte. I like to knit at night as we watch our shows, too. Does your husband say it drives him crazy, too???? Mine moans and groans when he sees me knitting as he insists I can't pay attention properly and knit. Silly man. ;-)

  3. p.s. And I love Ghostwhisperer...

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