Not Quite Crashing

9:45 am

Maybe more of a silent slide.
This is new. I was expecting the crash, the tango man ( or his more sinister brother)spinning me around and slapping my face. Maybe he's still lurking here somewhere.
A lady I sometimes speak to told me the other day that I needed to get my hair done and put on some makeup, either that or she said I shouldn't be hiding behind my hair dye and make up. She doesn't speak good English, so it's hard to tell.
Either way, she could be right.
Must pull myself together before my driving lesson.

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  1. even just doing one little thing can start to make you feel more like yourself... *hugs*

    (found you via stirrup queens)

  2. Good luck with the driving lesson. Does this mean we'll get to see more of you when you've passed your test?

  3. I often feel the same way about conversations, not sure entirely what was meant but thinking that they might be right, either way.

    Hang on in there. Hope the driving is going well.

  4. Hello. I'm commenting for the first time. Thank you for the lovely words you have left over at my blog.

    The longer I've lived this side of grief, the more I notice that the emotions slide into each other. There are still slaps but they're less frequent than before.

    I hope the driving lesson goes well.

  5. Hope the driving lesson goes well!


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