October 10th and 11th Capturing Grief

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October 10th Symbol, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

October 10th Symbol
I don't really feel totally comfortable with the idea of a symbol, but despite my unease I seem to have a few. Roses, hydrangeas, ladybirds, rabbits, and doves.
Doves are a recurring symbol. While pregnant with Florence I made two special baby carriers for her with dove applique, and in the days after her birth I appliqued the same dove onto her burial gown. That dove was interpreted by the stone mason who made this beautiful stone for our garden. We've also been gifted and have bought several trinkets and ornaments that fit the theme, I even have a whole folder of doves on flickr.

October 11th Supportive Family and Friends
October 11th supportive family and friends

We are very lucky to have been supported by so many wonderful friends and family, far too many to list here.
Woody has been my constant support, and I hope I've been his.We seem to hold each other up pretty well most of the time.
There are two very special friends that do deserve a mention, and I know I'm going to embarrass them by doing so.
They are Lisa and Heather. I love you guys, and can never pay back all the love you have both shown me and my family, and Florence over the past three years.
(If you are reading, it could be worse, I did consider asking you both to pose for portraits...and I might still!)

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  1. You should ask them, true friends are precious and to be cherished. What a cute photo of you and Woody, those are my sentiments about my husband, he has been amazing.


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