Spoken Word Blog Round up, TWO

9:41 pm

This is the second year I'm taking part in Angie's spoken word blog round up over at Still Life with Circles.
I didn't have much to choose from to read aloud, but I chose a short piece that I wrote after responding to a piece written by Angie for Glow.
Anyway, here it is.

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  1. So very beautiful to hear you read this piece. Thank you for sharing your words in this way. xo

  2. You speak so beautifully. I watched your piece from last year, and cried with you.

    I hate all the thing that our children are said to be. 'not meant to be' sometimes hurts the worst.

    You are so brave, and beautiful in your vulnerability.

    Thank you for sharing like this.

  3. Beautiful words. I love hearing your voice. I secretly read Charlotte's autopsy report too. I don't think J has ever picked it up, but when I want to remind myself she was here I sift through the pages. Thank you for sharing your heart.

  4. Just beautiful, I so enjoyed hearing your read this post. xox

  5. This just made me realise I don't have a copy of Hope's autopsy results, and I want one. So I can do exactly this. I wonder how the passage of time has changed how I might react to reading it. I got the results at 6 weeks, and I barely remember a thing about what they told me that day.
    Your voice is so warm and comforting. I wish I could sit with you to talk about our daughters. or anything.

  6. Oh Jeanette.

    A person. Truly. Your Florence.

    I know that I also have a tendency to prettify Georgina when neither her life, or her death, were at all pretty. But she was beautiful to me.

    And when you described Florence my eye kept catching on Ernest's photograph in the left hand corner of the screen and I could see her, clear as day, in my imagination. With her porcelain skin and her rosy cheeks.

    I used to read the letter that the consultant wrote to me, that told me what had happened to Georgina. I even used to look at her death certificate over and over. Strange isn't it? What can be comforting?

  7. We never did an autopsy for Angel - this is something I somewhat regret now. But I look through other papers related her and search my memory of all the days leading up to the death and birth, looking for answers. thank you for sharing your post, i am glad to have found your blog.

  8. Thank you for sharing this. I think reading the autopsy report is a perfect way to make and feel our babies presence and know that they are real. After hearing you, I may just go did mine out of my safe, just to feel him. To know he is real.


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