October 8th Capturing Grief

5:35 pm

October 8th Jewellery, originally uploaded by indiaeden.
I have a few precious pieces of jewellery related to Florence, including a locket containing her hair, and a beautiful brooch hand made by a wonderful friend, but this pendant I wear every day, and I love it.
The chain is long and it hangs near my heart. The glass locket contains two photos of Florence. There is also a little silver tag engraved with her name.
I don't feel dressed without this pendant, I must handle it and kiss it a million times a day.
Ernest loves to look at it and says "Florence", and gives it to me to kiss, then he kisses it too.

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  1. So sweet that Ernie kisses it too xx

  2. I love that Ernest has learned to love your pendant too. What a sweet little brother.

  3. How adorable.

  4. What a beautiful and perfect tribute to Florence and a lovely way to keep her close to your heart.


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