October 25th Capturing Grief

3:50 pm

Baby Shower or Blessing
Baby showers are not something that has really caught on here in the UK, although I believe they are becoming more popular.
I have to say the idea of a baby shower I found bemusing before Florence, but now I find quite repugnant.
A Blessingway might have been something I would have liked, and I did take part in a bead swap with other pregnant mamas from around the world. I loved going bead shopping with my friend who was also taking part in the same swap.
Now though, even  the idea of a Blessingway makes me feel nauseous.
So, my photo today is simply of a teeny pair of bootees that I stitched for Florence while I was pregnant.
I prepared for her arrival joyously, stitching and knitting and painting. I had a glorious creative time, and I shared almost every creation here on my blog happily.
These little shoes represent those preparations.
They are now tucked away in Florence's memory box, never worn.

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  1. I don't like the idea of baby showers, just an American idea to get people spending more money xx

  2. I read every word but don't always comment.
    You are loved and thought of xxx

  3. Those are so pretty. I'm sorry that all those beautiful things sit unused.

  4. I completely agree with Apple, and I am American. I had no idea that you all escaped this particular craze. (Sensible of you!)

    Those slippers are gorgeous

    and so painful to see.

    They should have been filled.

    xo CiM


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