October 14th Capturing Grief

5:04 pm

October 14th Community, originally uploaded by indiaeden.
I'm sad to say I have never really got the hang of real life babyloss community.
I know of several babyloss families, have tried and mostly failed at making local babyloss friends.I'm not even really sure why.
I couldn't face real life bereavement groups, but we did attend a babyloss service at our local church in the October after Florence died.It really wasn't for us, for lots of reasons.
My community is online, the blogs of my dear babyloss friends, their beautiful children who I think of often, speak their names,and try to honour their short lives along with Florence's.
Glow, of course, Glow saved me from angels and sentimentality...there's nothing wrong with either, it's just that they don't work for me.
My community connects across the globe, blog to blog to Glow and back again. Parent to parent, supporting each other with empathy and love.

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  1. Yes, the blogs and Glow are what got/get me through the daily struggles too.

  2. You ladies are what kept me from dissolving... truly. XO


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