October 26th Capturing Grief

4:22 pm

October 26th Age 6 hours, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

Florence was born at 40 weeks + 3days (or some might say 4 days). She lived for a minute longer than 6 hours, or thereabouts. I'm still not entirely sure of the exact moment of death.
there is the official time of death, which as far as I understand is when the doctors stopped trying to save her.
I know I looked at the clock as she was handed to me, and it was 10.55am.
I know at the inquest the peadiatrician gave evidence stating that when Florence was handed to me, her heart was still beating, but only just.
I hope in those last few moments she knew she was in my arms, and in turn in the arms of her Daddy. I hope she wasn't in any pain.

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