October 21st Capturing Grief

6:48 am

October 21st Sacred Space, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

Sacred Space.
Can I say here that I'm slightly uncomfortable with the word sacred? The other choices were "Altar" and "Shrine", and I'm not too keen on those words either, despite the fact that this photo does depict all three. I'm just contrary!
There are several spaces around our home with photos of Florence accompanied by little trinkets that relate to her, often gifts given by thoughtful friends, or little things I've collected. There's a snow globe, some building bricks that spell out her name, a dried rose,a pine cone....
This shelf though is at the foot of our bed. Every evening I take off my necklace with her photo and place it there and I light her candles.Woody then blows them out when he comes to bed, often I'm already asleep but the smell of snuffed out candles usually wakes me, even if just for a second, that's our "goodnight". x

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  1. Yes, I'm having a hard time with this one too.
    Your bedtime ritual sounds lovely.


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