October 5th Capturing Grief

5:08 pm

October 5th Memorial, originally uploaded by indiaeden.
I've struggled today with this theme, and honestly even with my decision to take part in this project.
I can't quite say why.
Looking through all of the other participants contributions on Facebook is much harder than I expected it to be, so much raw grief, so much sadness. So unsettling to see so many broken hearted parents and families. I want to make everything right for all of them. I don't want another parent to lose a precious child, but it just keeps happening.
I'm having to limit my time looking at the photos submitted to just a few minutes each day because any longer and it's too much.
I initially saw this project as an opportunity to explore my grief as it is now, 3 years on.
I wanted to challenge myself artistically with the photographs. I wanted to represent through photography the grief of my everyday.
My every day grief isn't as raw as it once was, it's softened around the edges,entwined into my life, and that of my family.

Today's theme is Memorial. I had thought I might go to the cemetery and take some photos of Florences head stone, I didn't.
Instead I stayed home and fretted about over sharing, and even if I wanted to share at all.

This photo was taken the day after her head stone was put into place, back in November 2009.

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  1. It is really hard to see the massive outpouring of grief for this project. It's always there inside us, but now being further out we can keep it contained most of the time. I'm hoping that by letting some of mine show, I'll feel more balanced somehow.

  2. And the quote on Florence's head stone is beautiful.

  3. That is a lovely quote.

  4. Oh I can't take a photograph at all. As I'm sure you've noticed so I was never going to attempt this project.

    But I know that feeling of being overwhelmed. Sometimes I feel that I am still here because I'm trying to repay an impossible debt? If that makes any sense? And it takes it out of you, it really does. It is up to you to draw the line when it comes to sharing. But, for what it's worth, I don't think you are over-sharing.

    Florences' headstone is lovely. The words you have chosen, beautiful xo


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