October 7th Capturing Grief

2:28 pm

October 7th What To Say, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

What To Say.
There's nothing I like to hear more than my daughter being included. Here in our home Florence is mentioned along with all five of my other children, it feels very natural for us to talk about her, she is part of our family.
Other than hearing her name being included, I like it when people recognise we are a family of 8 not 7. I like it when people accept that I am a Mummy to 6 children.
A lovely friend recently told me how she'd had hopes and dreams for Florence too, and I thought that was beautiful.
Sometimes a simple "I'm sorry" is enough, and sometimes, a hug, a kiss, a squeeze of the hand, or even a caring smile, a reassuring glance.
And often just sitting and listening, or just being is worth so much more than any words.
Thankfully I've been on the receiving end of all of these. I have some beautiful friends and family. x

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  1. Your friend is lovely. Truly lovely. What a wonderful thing to say.

  2. Definitely a lovely friend. I have a couple of those too and I wish I could make sure each of us had at least one.


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