October 27th Capturing Grief

6:48 am

October 27th Artwork, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

We have been really lucky in this area, and have been gifted some beautiful pieces in honour of our daughter by some very talented friends.
Sat here at my pc, I have a portrait hanging on the wall to my right, another painting above my bed, a handmade silver brooch in a box behind me, a photo of Florence's name in the sand also on a shelf behind me, a hand carved rabbit on another shelf next to a Jizo in a frame .....I hadn't realised actually quite how much artwork I have.
This though is a painting we received in time for what would have been Florence's third birthday. Painted by a talented young artist I have known for all of her life, infact I was present at her birth almost twenty years ago and her mother is one of my closest friends, and has been for most of my life.
This hangs at the top of our stairs. I pass it countless times every day. The other day as I passed by with Ernest in my arms he said "Florence Sleeping".
I love that this hangs in the heart of our home.

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