October 3rd Capturing Grief

5:26 am

October 3rd After Loss

The theme today is Self Portrait After Loss.
Three years after Florence died. These days I'm busy, really really busy. I collapse gratefully into bed each evening exhausted, and I mostly sleep these days too...mostly.
I still have to remind myself of the date, I always want to write 2009 on forms or on cheques. I've said before how I feel there will always be a part of me back there in July 2009 with my baby girl.
I could've taken a self portrait with my living children all around me, and I considered it. That would after all sum up my life today, but I wanted to document somehow those shifting moments in time, one foot here in the present, but one very firmly in the past.

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  1. It is a beautiful sad happy portrait. Feels very lonely. And quiet. And none of the colour of your wonderfully colourful home. But beautiful as you are there and beautifully taken. xx

  2. Your photo is stunning. And Florence's picture fits so perfectly.

  3. So beautiful Jeanette.

    I still want to write the wrong year too xo


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