October 17th Capturing Grief

4:37 pm

October 17th Birthday, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

This year would have been Florence's third birthday.
We have for the past two years spent the day together as a family, sadly we couldn't do that the first year because Ernest was ill in hospital, and I was with him. That was so incredibly hard, and not something I've ever really spoken about here. A very very dark time, and I nearly lost my mind completely, maybe I'll tell about that one day when I'm strong enough to go back there in my own head.
This year after a balloon release at Florence's grave side, we drove out to her woodland, had a picnic and then came home to birthday cup cakes.

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  1. It's a wonderful picture of the 5 of them. So bittersweet that you have it, yet the birthday girl isn't in the picture.

  2. Here I am again, everyone asleep in the house. Three years on and still want to forget so much of it but can't stop remembering. I was pulled back to you, to this grief we share and the unraveling of 2009. The photo you posted of Florence, in the polka dot blanket, was just stunning. What a beautiful girl, a girl meant for life. I will never stop believing that about them. You are amazing, to not have dried up and turned inside out like I have, to continue writing about your grief. I only write in my head now. So much love to you J.


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