Day Six

1:19 pm

Day 6 - twenty things that calm you.

I often find comfort in repetitive rituals, and also in creating, so in no particular order;

1, Lighting candles
2, Visiting Florence
3, Knitting
4, Sewing
5, Working on my sketchbooks
6, Clearing out a cupboard,drawer or wardrobe
7, EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique.
8, Rescue Remedy
8, Hanging laundry out on a sunny day,especially nappies.
9, Folding terry squares
10,List making.
13,Wearing Ernest against my chest in the sling.
15,Dying my hair
16,Putting on make up
17,A good dinner with Woody and the children
18,Walking in the fresh air with woody and the children.
19,A good cup of tea
20, Shopping for yarn, fabric or art supplies.( without the children! )

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  1. great jeanette, i love number 6 and 8, completely forgot these on my list. i guess because of number 10 then you are pretty calm right now? xxx also, don't know where i'd be without rescue remedy!!!

  2. Lovely list Jeanette. Terribly British I know, but tea drinking will be on my list too :) Actually, quite a few of these were in my head too!

  3. I love your list. "8, Hanging laundry out on a sunny day,especially nappies."
    I have to agree with this one whole heartedly. I love hanging out laundry on a warm day. Especially the first days of spring or Autumn. I love the smell of freshly washed laundry and warm wind mingling together and there's something about following my 'system' of hanging things just how I like them that does very much calm me. I covet this 'chore' and really don't like it if anyone else hangs my laundry instead. Invariably it's all upside down and back to front. I don't iron much so it's an added must it's done how I like as I hang things just right so they don't require ironing. Folding is just as important. Eeeek .. I sound obsessed.
    It would do me good to work out what else I find calming and make myself do them. Becuase I need to.

  4. I have to say I smiled when I saw number 10.

  5. The sling is my favorite.....


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