Day Fifteen

4:38 pm

Baby Loss Awareness Day

I will be lighting my candles at 7pm this evening, take a look at the candles Sally lit , and listen to Jess's beautiful voice reading the names of so many loved and missed babies.And if you can, light a candle tonight at 7pm for all the babies so loved.

Also check out Faces Of Loss

I've been following this site for a while now, but only recently submitted my story. I was worried about submitting a photo of myself. Initially I didn't want a photo of me pre loss, but all the photos after I just look too lost, so I just picked the photo Woody has of me on his phone. Not the most flattering,but I am at least smiling.

Day 15 - what you like about your house.
We've lived in this house for almost eleven years now. I remember when we were house hunting and this house just felt right even before we'd come through the front door.It may not be the smartest house on the street, or have the neatest, most fashionable interior, but it's home, and we love it here.
I guess the most important thing about this house is that three of our babies have been born here, Angus, Sid and Florence. And even though there has been so much sorrow in our lives recently, this house is still a happy home.

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  1. I will be lighting a candle here too Jeanette. Thinking of Florence and all the other babies who are no longer here xxx

  2. I'll be remembering Florence tonight as I light my candles. xxx

  3. I'm sorry I didn't read this until after 7pm but I am thinking of you and Florence as I do often xx

    As I don't blog anymore you won't know that Joshy (my 4 year old) has been in hospital for an emergency op. He had something very rare growing from his umbilical cord to his bladder that was infected and needed to be removed. It has been a scary few weeks but hopefully we are through the worst as he is now recovering at home.

    I hope to bump into you soon and maybe one day we will have the cup of tea together that we always say we will! xxx

  4. remembering your beautiful florence jeanette and sending you much love xxx

  5. I am just about to listen to it now. I have thought of Florence and all the others I have come to know in the last month.
    Be well mamma- love and grace- L

  6. Thinking of Florence, as always. I saw you on Faces of Loss, that site is so gut wrenching for me, you are very brave.
    My love,

  7. Jenga, I was just thinking of you yesterday, and wondering why I hadn't seen you for a while.
    I'm so sorry Joshy has been poorly, thank goodness he's on the mend now.
    I don't have your email, but please mail me and I'll give you my phone number, and we'll get together for that cuppa.x


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