Day Ten

8:01 am

Day 10 - a photo taken over 10 years ago of you and how it makes you feel seeing it now

me, a lifetime ago. (1994)

This photo was taken sixteen years ago at my friends wedding.I think Woody and I were "on a break" at that time, though we were still living together...oh the chaos of younth eh? I know he wasn't invited to the wedding.
I remember holding a work colleague's baby at the reception, and vaguely wondering how it would feel to be a Mummy.

This photo is in a double frame with this photo of Woody from around the same time.


Mostly looking at these photos I just feel old and fat. They are both old enough photos that I don't really feel sad looking at them like I do photos from maybe two years ago, where I can see someone I just don't recognise.

I do recognise myself and Woody in these older photos, especially Woody. I think this is the way I'll always see him, the way we were when we met. x

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  1. they're gorgeous photos. You're lovely now as you were back then :-)

  2. you look so different without your red hair!

  3. you are so beautiful, love all the hair on woody, gotta love the grunge days xxx

  4. Wow - you're stunning :)

  5. What lovely photographs. You are so beautiful Jeanette!

  6. You are gorgeous. Now and then. xo

  7. Your picture is stunning!You know in my minds eye I that is how I see you and Andrew! You should see how I see myself too!


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