Day Seventeen

9:37 am

Day 17 - an art piece (drawing, sculpture, painting, etc) that moves you.

So so many, it's hard to choose, but sticking with the theme of babyloss,(which I kinda avoided yesterday.) and the images that spring immediately to mind, I've narrowed it down to these four pieces.

The first is a Rothko, now seeing a small reproduction of his work in a book or on a computer screen is never going to give an idea of the impact his work has in reality.
I was lucky enough to see a retrospective of his work when I was only eighteen, and was totally blown away, especially by the darker pieces, the deep purples and the black on blacks. I remember feeling that if I just stepped forward I would simply be able to step into the colour. Amazing!
Stepping into this piece, I think would be a good place to go and just be.


Secondly is a Klimt, this painting makes me laugh and cry. I'm reminded of the day I spent at the Liverpool Tate with two of my best friends, of thinking myself out of wanting any more children (or trying to),and of my best friend Heather looking thoughtfully at this painting, then saying it reminded her of a Billy Connolly joke, and that the baby looked like it was buried under a pile of coats at a party!


Then, there is this painting. I saw this on Anna Maria Horner's blog when I was pregnant with Florence, and fell in love with it, just as she had. (Lucky lady was bought this as a gift for Mother's day from her husband)I've looked for a print many times, but never found one for sale. It's an image that has stayed with me.

Woman With Infant Flying, Brian Kershisnik

(I can't put the image here due to copywrite.)

And finally, this sculpture floored me on my birthday trip to Yorkshire Sculpture Park. (I wrote about it at the time.)



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  1. Wow- If I could live for awhile in the Rothko I would. Do you know its title?

    The Klimt is beautiful- I never saw this particular one. It makes me want to be pregnant again. It makes me want Cullen to be here now as a 2 day old baby boy.

  2. That particular one is untitled, as they often are, or sometimes just called things like black on black.

    I wish Cullen were there in your arms, I'm so very sorry he isn't. x

  3. I love the Klimt. It did make me smile ... and I remember being moved by your post about the sculptures last time. They are mind blowing.

  4. Beautiful pieces. I love them all.

    I saw some Rothko pieces once and would have totally walked into them if I could - mesmerizing.

    The Klimt and the sculpture are gorgeous and I think I will be joining you on the hunt for a print of the mother flying. That is where I want to be.

  5. I love Klimt and Rothko. Any time I see one I feel like I could fall into it. Or eat it.
    And the Mother flying one is beautiful. Very.


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