Day Twenty Eight

7:34 am

Day 28 - what's in your handbag/purse

Today I plan to change my handbag, to switch everything over to my winter handbag. I love bags, I have lots. For years and years I never owned a handbag,just carried everything in the pockets of my battered old biker jacket. So I'm making up for it now, much like I am with shoes after years and years of only wearing DM's or biker boots, ( yes with *everything* ! )

My winter handbag this year is very special, it's one I admired some time ago when shopping with a friend from my sewing group. This year I was gobsmacked to receive it for my birthday from my mystery "Birthday Spoiler"...a secret birthday buying buddy also from my sewing group.

I'm a pretty organised person, and because I do like to change my bags fairly often, I keep all my handbag essentials in a zippered inner bag that I can easily switch from bag to bag.
Inside that bag is:

Photos of Florence in an envelope.
My chequebook and pen
Two notebooks and two further pens
Rescue Remedy
Emergency cloth mama pad
A small plastic sandwich bag
Lip balm
Tiny pot of hand cream

I'll add my keys, phone, purse, and away we go!

Of course other items will make their way into my bag, sweet wrappers, baby socks, odd bit of change...

And yeah, I live in Manchester a brolly is essential year round!

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  1. Baby socks!! So true. There is always one or two floating around in my bag.
    This bag is gorgeous. Love, love, love it.

  2. Love that bag! Have a nice weekend.xx

  3. I'm a handbad person too. Yours is lovely. But weirdly I can only cope with something that can be carried on my shoulder as is made from cloth (Rather than leather or something lined and fancy). And it doubles as a nappy bag. So my handbag has nappies, wipes, baby biscuit crumbs, plasters, arnica, camomila teetha stuff, Ninja Bibs, spare baby grow, purse, paracetamol ibupropen, baby bum cream, 'Sock On's and the obligitory baby sock!! My husband is always getting annoyed that I can never find my keys at the bottom of all that!!!!
    That really is a lovely hand bag!

  4. ooo that is so pretty!

  5. Gorgeous bag :) I use a bag until it falls apart then buy a new one but I do the "inner bag" thing too. A bag with pads/painkillers/lip balm/ handcream in and another with arnica/calpol sachets/a nappy/a few wipes etc. My bags also have to have lots of pockets so I can keep my phone seperate from everything else and then have a pocket for random stuff like plastic spoons, a tape measure and pens!! Us mummies need Mary Poppins bags!!

  6. What a brilliant idea, where did you get the inner from? I am forever switching bags and always end up losing something.

    What a lovely bag x

  7. Holy me that bag is beautiful!
    Have a beautiful weekend my friend....

  8. So impressed with your organised handbag / handbag insert! Mine is such a junk yard / random filing system.

    And a beautiful bag too!

  9. You sound a lot like me! I never had a bag - I had an army coat with huge pockets (to go with the DM's!)

    That is a beautiful bag, I'm surprised you don't have a tape measure in there though! ;-)

    My bag is currently full of assorted crayons and conkers and a feather the boys found the other day!


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