Day Twenty Four

8:28 am

Day 24 - where you live

I live in a large town just outside Manchester in the North West of England. I moved here in 1989 to go to college, and apart from a brief period in 1998 when we lived in the Netherlands,this has been home.
I was born in Birmingham, and grew up in a stiffling new town on the outskirts of Birmingham.Moving up north felt like home, and I'm now very much a northerner...with a funny accent if you ask Woody or my children!
I'm lucky to live in a reasonably sized Edwardian house, on a pretty street, with (mostly) good neighbours.
The train station is just a couple of minutes walk away,and fifteen minutes in one direction and I'm in the hstle and bustle of Manchester, while fifteen minutes in the other direction is Buxton, and the Peak District.
Not that I visit either that often, but I like knowing that I can.
I think a good bakery,a good pub, and a bigger garden (plus if I'm being greedy, another bedroom and a studio for me)and this would be my perfect place to live.

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  1. And a downstairs loo? I would think that would be handy :)
    x Souad

  2. LOL, oh yes!(you can tell you are pregnant, with that thought!)

  3. We are house hunting atm and a downstairs loo is on my list too!

    It's nice over your side of Manchester. Much better than where we used to live.


  4. I have 3 toilets and it's great there's always one free. The downside - 3 to clean!

  5. I miss England- my last visit was in 98 or 99 to Dover. It sounds like you live in a beautiful town!

  6. Kate, I do envy you your three loos, but not the spiders that might be hiding in them!


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