Two Posts In One Day

3:58 pm

And this one might get a bit soppy,so apologies in advance.

Recently I've been reading and re reading every book I can get my hands on about breastfeeding, anything to give me a clue how to help Ernest latch. One of those books was Ina May's Guide To Breastfeeding loaned to me by a friend particularly because of a mention of a baby finally latching at four months old. That story did give me hope,but reading on, I found myself in tears reading about Ina May's community (The Farm) and how mothers support one another in a practical way to breastfeed.

I longed for that closeness, for that level of support.

Well, today I finally realised, I may not live in a community like The Farm, but I do have the next best thing, tremendous support. I have friends locally chasing up anyone they think might be able to help me, I have online friends just a click away,kind people I've only met once sending me information, and even lovely people sending me chocolate to get me through the pumping sessions. (thank you, you know who you are!)

To all of you, thank you. x

Don't be shy, say hello!


  1. Hello
    I just wanted to say that I feel for you. I had so much trouble getting my son to latch, he just wouldn't open his mouth. I tried so many things and so many people until one day I met a woman in the park how gave me the name of a breast feeding specialist who was able to help. She runs a clinic here in London but I know she also does private consults. She turned it all around for me. It took along time, Alpha was 5 months old before we got it together and he still gets lazy and doesn't open his mouth sometime
    I have to say I admire you to have hung in there through it all and I hope it gets easier soon.

    Maybe Ruth can help?

  2. the tinterwebs are a wonderful thing in many way (although they have their down sides too) and the comment from alpha's mumma is just another example of that. FWIW Jess and I managed to sort out our latch problems using the laidback position (but I think you've been trying that). I found it very hard after all the NCT training on tummy to mummy/nose to nipple thing.. I hope you and Ernest find something that works for you both.

  3. sweetie I wish there were easy answers and that we could fix it with a quick book recommendation or a snippet of experience but in the meantime there's lots of love and good wishes to help you through the dark days and chocolate of course xxx

  4. Alpha'smumma, thank you1 I've heard similar stories, and am just hoping Ernest still has time to learn.


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