A wee bit behind,but with good reason

7:03 am

I've fallen behind with the thirty posts in thirty days project, but with good reason.
We've had a whirlwind week after I managed to track down a doctor who agreed to see Ernest and look at his tongue and lip tie.
The short story is that after a conversation with a lactation consultant out of my area (herself chased up by my lovely LLL friend, Fiona), I googled this doctor and decided to take a chance and email him.
To my surprise his secretary phoned me the very next morning and we went to see him on Wednesday afternoon. Ernest was then admitted to the Royal Manchester Childrens Hospital..with a lot of tears and panicking from me, (hospitals just do that to me now.)
We were allowed home for the evening,and at that point I really wasn't sure we'd return in the morning, but after much soul searching and conversations with two other wonderful LLL friends we decided to go ahead.
Ernest had his posterior tongue tie and lip tie cut under a general anaesthetic at 9am, and we were home by 1pm.
There is a very obvious difference in his mouth, he can actually open it properly for the first time! Obviously we still have a way to go, bottle feeding has taken it's toll, and Ernest has to re learn how to use his new free tongue, but it's such a relief to know he no longer has the restrictions these ties had on him.
Fingers crossed that this is the breakthrough we needed.


Now to catch up!

Day 20 - a hobby of yours and how it changed since your loss.

It's got to be sewing. I'm passionate about sewing. I love lots of crafts, but sewing is the one that gives me the most satisfation, and the reason I started this blog in the first place.
I don't really think much has changed there, obviously my blog has changed, but my hobby hasn't.
In the first days after Florence died, I sewed. I made her a gown to be buried in. I posted about it here, and it was featured on Still Life 365.
Sewing calms me,I love the hum of my sewing machine, and the warm cotton smell from the iron.

Day 21 - a recipe.

Urmmm, well I'm not really much of a cook. I'm ok,but I don't really enjoy cooking. Woody is the cook in our house, and he's good too, so he cooks almost every day, and I just eat.
One recipe I do like though, because it's super quick and super healthy is what our family calls Green Soup.


2 large courgettes
1 onion
1 medium sized bowl of frozen peas
1 medium sized bowl frozen spinach (can used fresh if you prefer or fresh watercress.)
1/2 nutmeg (grated)
vegetable stock
salt and pepper to taste
a little oil


Chop and fry the onion in a little oil until it's soft.
Grate the courgettes and add to the onions, fry gently for a minute or two
Add the grated nutmeg and the stock.
Throw in the peas and spinach and top up with boiled water.
Simmer gently for about 20 minutes, blend and add salt and pepper to taste.

Day 22 - a website that has been meaningful since your loss.

The site that springs immediately to mind is Glow In The Woods. I remember finding it and being so relieved to be somewhere so warm and comfortable, somewhere I could safely say what was really on my mind, somewhere that didn't think I was an "angel mummy".

Without Glow, my pregnancy after loss would have been even harder, going there and talking to other babylost,but pregnant again Mamas was so important to me. There are things you just can't say on regular pregnancy forums, or to regular pregnant Mamas.

Glow is a sanctuary.

Don't be shy, say hello!


  1. So you couldn't time your trip to RMCH the same as ours huh??? :) Glad you went ahead with it and hope it helps xxx

  2. So pleased to read your latest news, here's hoping that you'll get to nurse Ernest, you're long overdue a reward for all your hard work.
    San xx

  3. Oh, I hope it's exactly what he needed and I hope so much that nursing will work out the way you want it to.

  4. Hope that Ernest is recovering well, it must have awful taking him into hospital. Fingers and toes crossed for you.

    I love your sewing and the soup sounds yummy. We are big fans of soup in our house so I will have to try!

    I'm also very grateful indeed for Glow.

  5. Hope Earnest recovers well, and that he can relearn your nips really soon. xxx

  6. Way to go little Ernest. Talking as a mummy who feels the same about hospitals, I bet you are all relieved to have that behind you and the little guy can practise with his new found freedom.
    Actually I was wondering if it would be ok to ask a breast feeding question here, and maybe you or your followers might know the answer (I was thinking you have had the practise :p

  7. Yay for Ernest's free little tongue. That soup sounds lovely.

  8. Oh Jeanette, even more emotions than usual for you! Wow. Fingers toes and all other limbs crossed this helps you and Ernest out with nursing.

    Been really enjoying your posts, thanks for the soup recipe. I'm shocked to think it's almost a year since I enjoyed eating it with you, I wish I'd read the Glow website then. I feel really glad to have read some of it now, and I'll be back there.

    look forward to seeing you soon XX

  9. Oh Jeanette I could barely make it past Ernest's update- I have so much hope and light for you both!

    Florence's dress was so beautiful- I remember the first time I saw that post I gasped- you have so much talent and there was an immeasurable amount of love sewn into that dress. Just beautiful...

  10. Brilliant news about Ernest :D


  11. Valerie, go ahead and ask , I might be able to point you in the right direction. :0)

  12. I am SO SO pleased you got to see th right doctor though I can imagine it was very scary for you. It's great you can see a difference already in the way he opens his mouth. And even if he doesn't end up nursing you are doing the best you can do by him.
    Valerie, yup. I am sure we can help.

  13. Thanks Jeanette, ok, my sister lives in NZ so this info is 2nd hand through my Mum. My sis and brother-in-law have a 15 month old baby and last week she seemed to be having teething bother. My bro-in-law put his finger in her mouth to check and a tooth fell out. Its not the only one either, all her teeth are wobbly apparently. Her 'plunket nurse' (health visitor I presume), has said its 'over' breast feeding that has caused it. I think Suzi is still feeding her on and off all night. I have never heard of this before, has anyone else? I dont know if its not enough flouride or Suzi's diet, she is very upset understandably. I cant believe its the booby milk!!! Anyone?

  14. Fingers crossed for that helping out Ernest with his feeding :D
    Valerie..that sounds like total tosh! WHO recommend feeding for two years. I'd be tempted to take the baby to the dentist though and find out the real cause.

  15. mmmmmmmmmmm the soup sounds delish! I don't like nutmeg though, would other herbs be tasty in it? So glad Ernest is snipped, fingers crossed for a breakthrough with the feeding very soon Love to you all xxx

  16. SO HAPPY HE CAN OPEN UP NOW!!!! Im so thrilled for you J, I am praying this brings ease to breastfeeding and peace of mind. Love to you!

  17. Valerie,ok first off I'm no expert.
    Your sister must be so upset, and then to be told it's because of breastfeeding!
    As far as I am aware breastmilk is not likely to cause tooth decay on it's own.
    Anecdotally I have heard that genetics, or sometimes something happening during pregnancy can cause problems with tooth development.
    I've also recently found out that Ernest's lip tie can sometimes cause tooth decay in breastfed babies, similar to that found in formula fed babies.
    This link might help your sister
    And if she can find a sympathetic dentist, I think he/she will know much more than a health visitor.
    I'd also recommend she try and find a local breastfeeding group to support her.

  18. Fiona, you can leave out the nutmeg. :0)

  19. Thanks Jeanette, I do remember my other sister being told she had some sort of problem with her gums and although her teeth looked ok they werent. This was her baby teeth, so maybe its a genetic thing. I will have to email Suzi about it, its playing on my mind, my Mum said she was crying and crying, understandably. She has never mentioned a support group, I might look for one on the net for her. She has 2 older boys aged 5 and 4 and she is run ragged. Thanks again,

  20. Hope you and Ernest can get the feeding thing going properly now. Sending you both suitably milky thoughts and good wishes.

  21. so glad Earnest has now had his tongue tie and lip tie cut! it must be a weight off for you, knowing that the thing that was causing the problem is now gone. Hopefully he will latch and nurse and you can be rewarded for all your determination and dedication :)
    Have you tried approaching nursing now as though you were relactating?


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