Matinee Coat

12:28 pm

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This little cardy has been very almost finished for a while, last night I finally stitched on the collar and buttons.
Pattern from Baby Bloom, by Erika Knight, yarn Rowan Cashsoft 4ply.

Trying to get a good photo was tricky!

I've enough yarn left for a matching hat, just haven't found the right pattern yet.

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  1. What a beautiful boy! xx

  2. that's beautifully knitted :D

  3. Lovely. I love matinee coats, in fact all the 'old fashioned' style of baby dress went on around here. My eldest two even wore gowns. Far too many babies are wearing jeans and hoddies from day dot. Personally I dont like it.

  4. oouldn't agree more Valerie! Mine wear gowns too. :0)

  5. OK Jeanette- how do you do it? I am jealous- I wish I had your talent. It really is a gift you know. Making something from your hands that you knit together. It is beautiful- but the little bean wearing it is even more beautiful. Enjoy him.
    And PS- know that someday when I have a 5th I am going to come knocking on your door begging you to create something that I cannot. (smile)

    Valerie I completely agree- here in the US I am often shocked at how babies are dressed these days. Where is the sweetness and innocence of childhood?
    Glad there are still so many people out there who agree.
    love and grace- L

  6. I'm another one who loves babies in hand knits. I WISH I could knit like that. The jacket is gorgeous and, of course, so is Ernest!

  7. Looks adorable.
    I'd love a cuddle.

  8. Lovely work Jeanette ... I am glad you are using the blanket too ! He has beautiful eyes !!


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