Day Thirteen

6:40 am

Day 13 - a fictional book that is meaningful to you since your loss.

Water Babies by Charles Kingsley

I read this book as a child, but it wasn't until Florence was born that I really thought of it again.We received a card from a friend with the following quote on it from the book:

And... one moonlight night, the fairies came flying in at the window and brought her such a pretty pair of wings that she could not help putting them on; and she flew with them out of the window, and over the land, and over the sea, and up through the clouds

That reminded me of the book, and last year I read the book again, with an adults view. The book will always be associated with Florence for me now.


On another note,thank you so much to everyone who left comments or emailed me after my last post about our breastfeeding woes. I was so surprised by the response.
I'm very lucky in many ways, I have great support from my local LLL friends, and from my family, and if it's possible to get Ernest breastfeeding then I'm certain I will, if it's not then we'll carry on as we are for as long as we can.I'm sure I'll keep you all posted. x

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  1. My dear babyloss friend Carly bought this for me when Angus was born. I am yet to read it. I know when I finally do, I'll need to get the tissues out.

  2. Hello Jeanette, I have been reading your blog and wanted to let you know, mostly because I dont like feeling like a lurker. Actually I was sent to one of your sewing pages from another blog a while ago but skipped back again because my sewing is seriously bad. After another link more recently I actually read your side bar and realised this was more than just a sewing blog. I would like to offer my heartfelt condolences for the loss of your little angel Florence.
    I lost my beloved Father last year (through very difficult circumstances involving hospital neglegence), so although I cant fully understand all of your feelings I can certainly empathise with your pain.
    We have the Water Babies here in our house and I love it. My Mum took me to see the film when I was a little girl and I loved that too, although I dont think I realised how sad it was in places until I was older.
    Thank you for sharing with us.

  3. I will have to look this one up.. books have such amazing powers don't they...
    love and grace- L


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