Day Twenty Five

6:43 pm

Day 25 - your day, in great detail

Wow! This could be very dull!

I woke up this morning at 6.40am, and wondered why the alarm hadn't gone off. It's half term here so I didn't have to be up this morning, but Woody did. He works between two offices at the moment, one in Halifax, and one in Chester. Today he had to be in Halifax, so really needs to leave by 7am to miss the worst of the traffic.
Woody got up, Ernest was still sleeping. I seem to have a baby that sleeps through! He'd been sleeping since midnight,and even me getting up at 4am to pump hadn't woken him.
I wondered if I should pump again before Ernest woke, or wait. I decided to pump first.
Ernest woke shortly after, and I held him against my breast as I bottle fed him some EBM, and had a little cry.
I heard Woody coming up the stairs and wiped my tears. He'd made me toast and tea. In fact it was toasted homemade brioche...delicious!
Then Woody had to go, he kissed me goodbye.
Soon enough Eden joined Ernest and I for a morning cuddle.

I briefly checked my emails while Eden had a little play with Ernest, and after a nappy change we headed downstairs.

The children had breakfast, and Ernest watched them from his pushchair while I whizzed around sorting laundry and tidying up.
(I accidentally left the sink running hot water, and had bubbles overflowing onto the work surfaces, but that's really not unusual.)

Ernest and I then made our way back upstairs for a cuddle and another feed which sent him off to sleep, and I jumped in the shower while he napped on my bed. I even managed to pluck my eyebrows and put on some make up before he woke up!

Time again for another feed,and then Angus came up to have a play with Ernest while I took photographs of some fabrics I'd had printed over the summer.Something I've not had time to do since they arrived.

I managed to upload the photos to flickr and even write a blog post and pump again while India cuddled and played with Ernest, but then he needed another nappy change and a nap.So I cuddled him to sleep.

While Ernest napped I had a quick cuppa and a few chocolate chip biscuits. I also washed up some bottles and pump flanges,and put them in the steriliser.
I noticed the slightly sore boob I woke up with was hurting quite a bit more.

I made lunch quickly, beans on toast and soup for those not wanting beans. Ate mine super quick knowing that Ernest would need me pretty soon for a feed.

India and Eden cleaned up after lunch, and loaded the dishwasher, while I dressed Ernest.

I pumped again quickly before heading out with all the children to catch the bus to a friends house for a play date.
Catching the bus with five children is always interesting, if only to see the expressions on the other passengers faces! I can't quite believe it costs nearly £5 to travel a mile and a half.
On the bus I started to feel a little fluey, and realised the sore boob was well and truly a blocked milk duct.Luckily when we arrived at our friends house she had some ibuprofen for me to take.
The children, all eleven of them had a great time playing, my friend lives in her church which is huge with an equally huge garden, so lots of room for the children.

Woody picked us up at around 5pm,and we drove to the cemetery. Dusk is lovely there, the autumn evening light is golden,and the yellow and pink roses we bought for Florence glowed.We left after lighting her candles, knowing they'd burn for several hours.

We got caught in traffic on the way home, and I started to feel unwell again, desperate to get home and pump.

When we arrived home,I ran indoors and up the stairs,hastily washed my hands,lit Florence's candle,switched on the evening news (local) and pumped for a full twenty minutes.

Meanwhile Woody fed Ernest, and prepared dinner, pasta,vegan sausages and left over cauliflower curry.

Now I'm sat here, Ernest asleep on my shoulder as I type. I'm going to have a warm shower to ease my blocked duct,get my pj's on and sit in bed with Ernest watching tv.

Woody is going to nip out to the supermarket to fetch a few supplies...ibuprofen and chocolate if he knows what's good for him! LOL

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  1. oooh hope that blocked duct is unblocked ASAP Jeanette....gentle massage, rest, frequent pumping etc etc but I know you know all that LOL. Please ring if you need anything at all, I'm around and about all day tomorrow, do you need anything from the shops?

  2. I also hope you are looking after yourself - I found hot and cold compresses worked well - 5 minutes of each repeated as needed (but I'm sure you know that too!)

  3. Dont you nap in the day? I sometimes have to and I only have 1 child! (technically 3 but 21 and 19 years isnt really children).

  4. Busy day Jeanette. I hope the blocked duct clears soon - not nice.

  5. I love it!
    I hope that duct will clear. I found the hot shower and inverting helped- while pumping you get on all fours to let your breast hang down- gravity.

    Dinner sounded yummy!!!

  6. How does you day sounds a lot less flustered than mine when you have loads more children!!! Hope the duct clears. xx And I hope Ernest is doing ok after the other day. x


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