Day Twelve

12:03 pm

Day 12--Something you are OCD about

Lists! I have lists for everything, and more notebooks than any sensible person ever needs. I love a fresh page, and a nice new pen...has to be a black fine liner.
I have daily lists for daily chores, lists of sewing projects,lists for shopping,long term lists detailing projects I'd like to do when I have the time.
I love crossing things off my lists too,I have to scribble each item out, I tried experimenting once with a neat little tick, but it wasn't nearly as satisfying as big black scribble obliterating the words.(Sometimes I keep a big fat black marker for crossing out)

I've inherited this habit from my Dad. After he died we found a whole stash of his lists and sketches in his sock drawer.My Mum must've known they were there, but she seemed as surprised as the rest of us by the quantity.

Despite all my lists though, I'm not a terribly organised person, I forget birthdays , and this term I've lost count of the letters I've signed for school too late for my boys to take part in a particular activity...yes I know, I'm a bad mother.

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  1. I have a pile of school letters on my desk .. off for a rummage I think! It would help if theydidn't put them in her drawer with her scribbles and spam.

  2. I like lists too - and crossing things out - although I'm not compulsive about them. My mum said she used to always start her lists with 'make a list' so she had something to cross off immediately...

  3. oh i love a fresh page and a new fine liner jeanette!! only the right hand page though xxx anne

  4. LOL Anne, I'm a right hand page user too!

  5. I get this - I love looking at notepads and stuff in the stationary aisles (I miss Woolworths). And I agree, a tick or cross will never cut it, has to be a satisfying scribble out.

    I'm not sure about blog etiquette - replying to a comment you made on my blog via a comment on your blog but, anyway, re: random acts of kindness. I'm really keen that they're just small acts of gentleness. Holding a door open for someone or smiling at someone who looks like they might need it ... things like that. And just thinking of Emma when you do it. Thank you for saying you will. I'm so touched.

  6. Ditto on the right hand page...

  7. Ah this is my crime too! Lists and more lists. Extra fine point pen, please.

  8. I love lists and thick heavy cross-outs, and yes, must start with a fine tip/extra fine tip pen. My preferred is a Pilot P-500 or P-700.


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