Day Seven

4:33 pm

Day 7 - a photo that makes you happy.

Me and the kids

It's really hard to pick a photo that makes me happy. These days I look at photos before Florence and barely know who I am in them,but photos afterwards she's missing and always will be.
This photo was taken on a weekend away in Whitby, Yorkshire. I had no idea,but I was already pregnant with Florence. She was just a bunch of cells in this picture.
Of course I have lots and lots of photos taken later when I have a bump but I prefer this one. I look happy and she's there, just a twinkle, but still.
I know Woody isn't in the photo, but when I look at it, he's there too, taking the photo.
Yep this photo makes me happy. (I have posted it here before.)

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  1. It is a beautiful picture Jeanette.....

  2. What a gorgeous picture Jeanette.

  3. Such a beautiful photograph. I like to think of the little spark of your Florence hovering there with you all.

  4. Beautiful picture. You all look so happy.


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