Day Twenty Six

4:49 pm

Day 26 - your week, in great detail

My regular week, not half term like this week is generally not so interesting.

Mondays to Fridays I'm up at 6am,and getting the big four off to school.The girls get the school bus, and I walk the boys to school.
While the big four are all at school Ernest and I will either chill at home, or visit friends, or more often have friends visit us due to my phobia of driving.
We did have mum and baby yoga once a week, but I couldn't cope emotionally with the other mums and baby's, so we gave up.
We go to LLL meetings once a month, and I co run a babywearing group once a month too.
Otherwise our days are pretty cocooned I guess.
I have to collect the boys from school at 3pm, and the girls get home around 4pm.Woody gets home at 5pm.

Saturdays Eden generally comes bouncing into our room at 7am dressed for her gymnastics class which doesn't start until 4.30pm! I like to take Saturdays a bit slower, and usually potter about in my pj's listening to radio four, and catch up on a little housework. Saturdays used to be my work day when I was still running my business.
Saturday evenings we always have homemade pizza. Woody makes the best pizza. Sometimes we have a movie night with the children, but more often than not these days I'm asleep by 8pm!

Sundays we usually go to the cemetery, and everything else fits around that. There's usually lots of laundry to sort out ready for the coming week, and we might potter around the garden or perhaps go for a walk either to Alderley Edge,Styal Mill or somewhere similar.

Hardly exciting written down like that,but it's just what it is.

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  1. My girls do that with their leotards - funny tubby little 'gymnasts' running around is a hectic but amusing way to start the morning!

  2. I think it sounds lovely.
    My 3 year old does that on ballet day- then asks every day after that if it is ballet day again. Based on this you would think she dances up a storm at ballet- in fact she doesn't she watches the others- but who cares- she looks so cute in that leotard!


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